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TMI: I survived a car accident

I never imagined how I would transition to the afterlife BUT this was not IT. Not a car accident!

Life is not guaranteed. We are never guaranteed a long or short life and the measurement of ones duration of life is debatable

I am grateful for the gift of Life.

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Theo was driving and I was in the passengers seat. We had another passenger, my colleague Rachel and mother of a 7 months old baby.

My mind went black and when I got back consciousness all I could think was we are going to get into an accident.

When we started our journey we were talking about me giving birth to a baby girl and Rachel requested to be her Godmother of my not yet conceived child. She was already daydreaming about how she would plait the baby's hair and buy her beautiful clothes. We even joked about being inlaws in the future - that her son would marry our daughter.

The accident

There was a red cargo truck in front of us as we were about to enter the city.

The aftermath

I went into my default coping mechanism - silence. Blocking the whole world around me as I process my emotions. I have this strange habit of being around but not present. Except this time I had more responsibility to communicate.

I did not have my siblings to create a distraction nor was I on my own to close the door and move away from my environment. I needed to talk about what was going through my mind and since I could not open my mouth, I did what I know to do best - write. My default therapy when I choose to dig deep.

“It was my reminder that my #365daysofgratitude was not to only be a 2021 challenge but I had to make it an everyday every year challenge.”

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