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TMI: Feeling 2022? Not again!

The past future present

Is it just me or do first days actually suck?! It's never easy for to begin something new - like the first day at school - I peed on myself, first day at a new job - I always ask the dumbest questions or become the dumb-like, first day of the week - meetings and first month of the year, well... let's just say that it was 'eventful'.

Design with Ease

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For so many reasons, 2022 came through differently. I had backlog of work from 2021, hanging conversations that became too awkward to revisit and _. In summary I had overweight baggage and naturally I did not like it. The pressure was overwhelming on top the customary woes of planning a marriage function. Talk about the so-called "year of double portions". shock on me too! I'm engaged and I don't hate it.

My point being that there's a lot of change going around and most of it is uncomfortable because it requires us to begin on an empty canvas. Amidst the craziness, I created the time to breathe and reflect on how much I learned and grew in the past year and then I listened to a timeless song that literally summed up my 2021 and splashed a brush of color on my 2022 - I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack. God bless her soul!

Here we go!

1. Never lose your sense of wonder.

I moved. I found an opportunity to contribute my skills and experiences in a local non-profit in Rwanda. Not my banner choice of career destination but I took up the challenge and I was not ready for the amazing experience that awaited me. Not only did I meet amazing people, explore natural beauty, created valuable impact, but I also found a partner. Hmm! (photo of me in the dawn of morning at Ruhundo)

2. Never take one single breath for granted

Tragedies have not been strangers more so since 2020. Funeral announcements surpassed birthday invites. Instead of living on eggshells and holding our breath. Live out Loud. Be present and engaged.

3. Keep that hunger

Whatever 'that hunger' is for you - do not quench it. For me its to explore (in books, through studies, through my career and through travel) I am hungry for knowledge and meaningful experiences.

4. Give faith a fighting chance

We all find ourselves in a position of doubt every once in a while. Doubting our abilities, our relationships, etc and that's just being human. The trick is to capture that moment of doubt and

5. Choose to dance

This is what it says so now, get up and dance.

This is my hope for you this year

1. Add Lee Ann Womack's 'I hope you dance' song to your favorite playlist and play it on repeat.

2. Meet people who will change your life and be the person who transforms someone's life for the better.

As always, Go ahead and inspire Fortitude.

With Gratitude,


“Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

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