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I am an avid reader. Whoever has the pleasure of knowing me can testify to that fact. My mom says that I started reading as early as 3 years old - my oler siblings were going to school and I was always inquistive about their school work. I would hold books upsidedown mosttimes and make up stories from the pictures I saw or from my imagination. This always amazed visitors.
My mother is a retired teacher of English and literature- we had stacks of books at home so instead of watching TV, always found myself engulfed in a story - travelling around the world - sometimes in medieaval england, othr times in the villages of Nigeria, or in the surburbs of Kenya and south Africa. Sometimes, I went as far as the stone age. It was always mesmerising how diverse life was beyond my vicintiy.
In my early primary school days, English was my favorite subject beause we always read interestign stories. We had text books with lots of storeis that

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