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Life is a journey of self discovery. There's no guarantee that we can achieve this but it's worth the try. We have one job which is to make the most out of the life we have and that simply means ... be alive and be present. When you apply these basic principles, you'd be amazed at how worthwhile your journey would be. 

Join me as I explore The Messy In-between of life and be inspired as I highlight some of the people, places, and processes that are beacons of hope for a Better Forward future. 


My goal is to share my experiences and build a community of inspired people with fortitude.

Let's go!
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Dear Malaika

To my daughter: Lessons of Life in Letters of Love

In my life plans, motherhood always seemed to be in the very very distant future. It's no wonder that my close friends and family still find it unbelievable that I chose my life partner at 26 and had my first child a year later. To be honest, I am also amazed by this reality and it is a blessing that I cherish.


There is absolutely nothing that fully prepares you for motherhood. It's a primal instinct. When push comes to shove, and it will; all the blogs, meditation classes, and social media content you followed religiously are shoved out the window. Motherhood is a vulnerable state of doubts, questions, fears and incomprehensible joy. 


I look at my daughter and my heart breaks with fear of the unknown and leaps with excitement of possibilities. My job is to take her through a journey of enlightenment, knowing that the world as we know changes but the principles at heart stay the same, hence the lessons of life enveloped in letters of love.


Dear Malaika, I want you to always remember that you are Treasured, Loved and Celebrated. 

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Between The Lines

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Magnate goals

Business Management comes naturally to me. Entrepreneurship on the other hand feels like eating spicy food. It burns but I cannot get enough of it.

Are you an entrepreneur or do you hope to be one?


Join me as I share my journey in this vast universe of business ownership as we explore learning experiences and build empires.

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